External Audit

What is an external audit?

The external audit clarifies to what extent the ECG ideals have been put into practice in the day-to-day life of a company. Usually a company will have already created an internal Common Good Report which is then checked by an independent auditor. The resulting audit report, including scores on all 17 social, ethic and environmental indicators, is valid for two years.

Desk, on-site, or group audit

Depending on the size of your company, we offer different types of audit services.

  • Large companies with more than 250 employees should do a complete audit (on-site visit) every two years.
  • Mid-sized companies (26-250 employees) should do a complete audit (on-site visit) every four years, and a desk or group audit every two years.
  • Small companies (less than 25 employees) should do a complete audit every six years and regular desk or group audits every two or four years.

The complete audit begins in the first year with an on-site visit. A group or peer audit takes place with three to four companies which audit each other.

Standard Prices

(Prices for Germany and Austria. Please contact us about prices in other countries at audit@common-good-economy.org.)
Nr. of fulltime Employees Preis per hour Desk Audit On-site Audit Group Audit
1-2 70€ 420-560€ 560-700€ 300€
3-10 70€ 630-840€ 910-1120€ 400€
11-25 80€ 880-1200 € 1280-1600€ 500€
26-50 100€ 1400-1880€ 2000-2400€ 800€
51-250 120€ 2160-2880€ 3120-3840€ 1100€
251-1000 130€ on-site audit only 3900-4940€ not possible
> 1000 130€ on-site audit only payment according to time spent not possible

How can we proceed from here?

To take part in an external audit we will need the following information from your company:

  • Proof of membership in an ECG association
  • Application form for external audit
  • Common Good Report with at least 2-3 statements pro indicator

For more information please contact us at audit@common-good-economy.org.