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Initial Performance Report: A quick overview of your company’s performance

Without investing too many resources you can get a quick overview of your company’s social and ethical performance with an initial permanence report. By completing this initial report and becoming an ECG member, your company is entitled to use the label “Common Good Company” for one year. After one year you will be required to complete the full Common Good Report and Balance Sheet.

Evaluating the Initial Performance Report

Similar to the peer evaluation and an external audit, the initial performance report can also be evaluated. In this case, there is only a written feedback and no points are rewarded. An auditor can be hired for three hours and the costs are proportional to the amount of employees in your company.

These prices are only valid in Germany and Austria. The prices are about 20% higher in Switzerland.

Number of full-time employees Price per hour Total price without V.A.T.
1-10 70 € 210 €
11-25 80 € 240 €
26-50 100 € 300 €
51-250 120 € 360 €
Over 251 130 € 390 €

The initial report can only be created once. In the following year a company will create the normal ECG Balance Sheet and Report.

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