Hubs are international networks of activists who work together on various issues related to ECG and have an official status within the movement.

Public Speakers spread the word about the ECG

Focus: Spread the idea of the ECG through lectures, discussion groups, seminars and workshops.

Contact: (Dominik Sennes)

Matrix Development Team develops the Common Good Matrix

Focus: Further development of the Common Good Matrix (one editor per indicator)
Contact: (Dominik Sennes)

Consultants accompany businesses

Focus: Accompanying companies creating a Common Good Balance Sheet

Contact: (Roland Wiedemeyer)

Auditors check and approve the results of the ECG Balance

Focus: Checking and approving the results of the CG Balance Sheet for companies and organizations

Contact: (Roland Wiedemeyer)

Companies which have created ECG Balances become pioneers

Focus: Improving the CG Balance Sheet results of companies

Contact: (Jörn Wiedemann)

Ambassadors speak out for the ECG

The International Coordination Team coordinates global activities