United States of America, 29 July 2016

US-Tour "Economy for the Common Good": September 13th-22nd

Thanks to the support of many people during a crowdfunding campaign this past month of June, it will be possible to start a US project to take the Economy for the Common Good to the US through the launch of the book "Change Everything".

The project consists of a five-month media campaign in the US that started on July 1st 2016. It has already produced the first results, here you can check the first publications featuring the ECG:

The three- month media campaign in the US will include a ten-day tour with Christian from September 13th to the 22nd during which he will be giving talks on the ECG, he will be meeting the first volunteers for an ECG chapter in San Francisco and he will also have meetings with relevant organisations and people of the sustainability and new economy fields.

To get the latest updates please visit: http://www.changeeverything.info/tour/