The Movement behind the ECG

Thousands of individuals, companies, cities and NGOs across the globe are actively involved in the movement. There are many different areas to get involved in.


These specialized groups comprise public speakers, editors, business consultants, auditors, Common Good Companies, ambassadors and the International Coordination Team.

Local Chapters

Local chapters are made of individuals and businesses who meet at the local level to help spread the vision of the ECG. Presently there are over 80 such groups across the world.

National and International Cooperation

At the national level, activists meet biannually to at networking conferences to help coordinate their activities. At the international level representatives meet annually at the Delegates Assembly.

Individual and Business Supporters

Individuals, business, NGOs and cities can sign up as supporters on our website. Presently we have over 7700 official supporters.


Sponsors help to fund activities of the international movement.