Global, 23 February 2017

ECG International Newsletter in English

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Italy, 12 September 2016

Official ECG Sponsorship of CORTO DORICO Film Festival

The Italian Federation of the Economy for the Common Good is pleased to announce to have granted official...READ MORE »
United States of America, 29 July 2016

US-Tour "Economy for the Common Good": September 13th-22nd

Thanks to the support of many people during a crowdfunding campaign this past month of June, it will...READ MORE »
Spain, 16 May 2016


42 delegates from Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland gathered in Barcelona this weekend in order to take...READ MORE »
Germany, 10 March 2016

TTIP-survey confirms: the middle class sees more risks than opportunities!

A survey among 800 German entrepreneurs emphasizes once again the fact that small and medium-sized businesses identify acute...READ MORE »
Vienna, 15 February 2016

A celebration event for the common good – 850 guests attended the fully booked Volkstheater in Vienna

What a night! Vienna became a common-good centre and 850 guests turned the Volkstheater into a place where...READ MORE »
Vienna, 17 December 2015

An alternative economy is possible- ECG Anniversary Party, Volkstheater Vienna

Economy for the Common Good and the Common Good Bank celebrate their 5th anniversary on 13th February in...READ MORE »
Barcelona, 3 December 2015

Global Common Good Hub at Ouishare in Barcelona

The second part of Think Ocean Series took place in Barcelona on November 18th as a previous event...READ MORE »
Barcelona, 17 November 2015

Ouishare Festival with Economy for the Common Good: 19-21 November

OUISHARE: The first professional event in Spanish about the collaborative Economy dedicated to the collaborative economy. After the...READ MORE »
Madrid, 12 November 2015

International Presentation Global Hub for the Common Good

The official presentation of the Global Hub for the Common Good took place this past Tuesday November 10th...READ MORE »