Below you will find a collection of press articles about the Economy for the Common Good.

Economy needs 'fundamental reorientation' using a 'common good' approach

Javier E. David, CNBC
"Does capitalism need an extreme makeover?

In an era defined by a burgeoning gap between stagnant wages and faltering support for free markets among younger voters, the question has been raised with increasing regularity — and defies easy answers."


Our economic order is at odds with our basic human values

VoluntRubens Carvalho, Volunteurope
Yesterday, the Austrian economist Christian Felber was in London to launch the English version of his book Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good. The book has been released in several languages and, since 2010, has spurred a global movement for economic change, with thousands of individuals, businesses and organisations mobilising efforts to do things differently.

A corporate balance sheet with a little added love

Christ Bryant, Financial Times
"What is the purpose of business? Many executives would say their task is to maximise returns for shareholders by serving the needs of customers, perhaps with social benefits as a byproduct.
However, a growing number of companies believe their fundamental purpose is to serve the common good – and the way they report their activities to the outside world needs to change to reflect this function."

Christian Felber talks on the economy for the common good

"On 24 November at 11:30 am, the auditorium of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the UAB played host to Christian Felber, writer and lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He offered a conference which was organised by the Víctor Grífols i Lucas Foundation and entitled “The Economy of the Common Good”."

Article at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Press

Economy for the Common Good

Diego Isabel La Moneda, Network of Wellbeing
The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) proposes a simple and revolutionary change in the main aim of our society. It proposes to shift from striving to increase economic profits to instead striving to increase the common good and wellbeing of the entire population. In order to accomplish this goal, the ECG suggests a change in methodology, shifting from competition – the method used in the current model to increase economic profit – to cooperation.

Microvinyas: ethical vineyards producing wine for the common good

Trevor Baker, The Guardian
"Wine producers in Spain are pioneering a collective approach, where investors can buy a small plot and produce their own vintages from the vines there".

Can we create an 'Economy for the Common Good'?

Bruce Watson, The Guardian

"In Europe, Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is taking a similar tack. The program, which is the brainchild of Austrian publisher and activist Christian Felber, seeks to address a capitalist system that, in its words, "creates a number of serious problems: unemployment, inequality, poverty, exclusion, hunger, environmental degradation and climate change". The solution, ECG argues, is an economic system that "places human beings and all living entities at the center of economic activity"."

Climate Summit Trap: Capitalism's March toward Global Collapse

Harald Welzer, Spiegel Online
"Imagine, for example, what might happen if a large number of businesses make the improvement of the common good -- instead of an increase in their profits -- the goal of their commercial efforts."

The Economy for the Common Good

DowneastDem, Daily Kos

"I've been reading a number of diaries here that are basically rants against the capitalist system. We can agree the prevailing system is unsustainable and is leading the planet over a cliff, but what are the alternatives?  I have not not seen many solutions other than vague calls for "revolution."  It would be good to have more discussions on real options."