Over the past four years our movement has been growing like crazy and we are very happy about that. Across the globe thousands have been motivated and mobilized, new working groups have been formed, events put on and speaking engagements held. To make this happen we rely extensively on a fantastic volunteer community but also on sponsors that provide us with the resources to continue our work. We want to thank all the volunteers, members and sponsors who have supported us so far.

There are so many more ideas and projects we want to get moving. Our annual report needs to be printed and distributed, we need to expand upon our communication and IT systems, our project management needs to be improved, international events and conferences are in the pipeline and we need to hire more staff. That's why we are looking for more sponsors to support our movement.

Are you interested?

Sponsoring Packages






1 Year

300 € 

Your company name with link appears on our webpage ECG Sponsors


1 Year

900 €

Your company logo and name with link appear on our webpage ECG Sponsors


1 Year

3.000 €

Your company logo and name with link, including a picture and statement appear on our webpage ECG Sponsors
and your company is listed on the home page of our Website


1 Year

5.000 €

Same as Offer L plus your company logo will appear as a sponsor at Christian Felber's public speaking events.

Prices include VAT. Sponsor organization and business are also required to become members of the ECG association.

Do you have more ideas about sponsorships or are you interessted in a particular project?
Please contact us at sponsoring@ecogood.org